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Tracking Methods

Only Performance-Based Technology. Track to measure, track to convert.

Server Postback Tracking

Spot each transactions through server to server tracking using postback URL which is the easiest way to track the transactions. This method prevents cookie stuffing and also lesser the Affiliate fraud.

Multiple Action Tracking

You can track each transaction on each funnel and can check each step of process. Our dedicated technical team will analyse your events to optimize your campaign.

API Tracking

Easily track your sales and check the status. Our Tech team will help you with the implementation and routine tests will be undertaken.

With this API the monitoring of your campaign will be automated, making your day to day more productive.

Pixel Based Tracking

Pixel (or “cookie”) -based tracking methods are an essential part of any digital marketing campaigns.

Measure better your conversion thanks to a very easy to instal tracking solution.

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